Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exclusive Footage

Here you have it folks: the actual footage from my proposal to Erin.

The fabulous Jamie Williams, in addition to arranging everything for my surprise proposal, also was our hidden camera operator.

Some explanations:

1) At the beginning of the video, before Erin and I show up, Ilarene Olausson and Aimee Woodward are talking about their mock proposal between the two of them. You can check out the picture on Erin's Facebook album, which you can get to through this blog post.

2) Jamie is hiding in the woods when Erin and I show up. She's too far away for the camera microphone to pick up our dialogue, but I'll write it out for you:

J.J.: You're perfect for me, and I want to try and be perfect for you. Will you marry me?
Erin (immediately): Yes!

3) When Erin is on the phone with her dad and then her brother Braden. Braden let Erin know that if she doesn't text her mom a picture of the engagement ring, her mom would disown her.

4) Near the end, Erin realizes that Jamie's advice earlier in the day was to prepare her for the proposal. "Is this why you told me to put on more makeup?" Erin asks Jamie. "'Cause I didn't."

5) The last second is a sneak peek of Jamie's sister's birthday party, the next event on Jamie's camera. It hooked on to the end of our video.

1 comment:

  1. This is the greatest video ever. It makes me so happy!

    Thanks for proposing to me. I love you.


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