Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hot Air

Just because I graduated from BYU and left The Daily Universe doesn't mean my days of political cartoons are over.

I have a cartoon in today's The Daily Iowan!

I emailed the paper a couple of weeks ago asking if they had any interest in having their very own cartoonist, and I shared with them some of my greatest hits from the Universe. Turns out they were interested, and I did a few cartoons over the weekend. This was the one they published first! (If they don't publish any more from that original batch, I'll post them on the blog later.)

The challenge has been coming up with cartoons specific to Iowa. Since I've only lived here about a month and a half, I'm not caught up on Iowa news. But I have definitely seen firsthand the campaign ad fervor in a swing state, something I never got in Utah. So that was a fertile source for a cartoon.

Now with a cartoon in The Daily Iowan, my name has been in 10 different newspapers.* My media empire continues to expand. I'm the next freaking William Randolph Hearst.

*That's if you count journalism websites, and if you count being quoted in a newspaper or web article. For those of you keeping score: My byline or cartoons have appeared in The Dalles Chronicle, The Daily Universe, the Deseret News, KSL.com, The Brooklyn Paper, the New York Post (on the website) and The Daily Iowan. In addition to that, I've been quoted in the Hood River News, The Oregonian and ESPN.com.

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