Friday, April 20, 2012

My Daily Herald Finale!

Here it is, my last time in The Daily Herald.

This was all in the paper yesterday, but with all the graduation stuff going on yesterday I didn't have time to post links to my stories.

First up, a story on Eclipse, an a cappella group that originated in Logan at Utah State University.

Totally Eclipse: Vocal group keeps spotlight on Utah a cappella

A cappella seems to be a big thing in Utah especially. So the headline I suggested was "Utah cappella." Guess it didn't make the cut.

Courtesy of Eclipse

Second, a story on "My Son Pinocchio" playing at the SCERA Center. It's a really interesting play, it's the Pinocchio story from Geppetto's point of view. Everyone I interviewed described the story the same way: "As Pinocchio becomes a real boy, Geppetto becomes a real father."

Boy wonder: 'My Son Pinocchio' comes to life at SCERA

And, the briefs:

Sound Hot Ticket: Baroque or bust ...

Perfect Date: Culture Clash

Arts Briefs: A little bit country

Sound Briefs: Farewell to jolly ol' England

And, there it is. I really enjoyed working at The Daily Herald. I had a lot of free reign, to work by myself and write stories pretty much however I wanted to. The only thing Doug really changed throughout the semester were typos. I liked that hands-off approach a lot. And I really enjoyed writing about arts and entertainment. It was similar enough to my background that I didn't feel like a fish out of water, but different enough that I learned something new.

It was a great job, and I really enjoyed it.

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