Friday, February 11, 2011

Cougars missing Kaufusi

It's not often that sad news comes across the sports desk.

This Tuesday, a press release came from BYU women's basketball to let everyone know that Alexis Kaufusi, a sophomore on the team, had been diagnosed with cancer and would be sitting out the rest of the season.

I was already planning on covering the Wednesday game against Air Force, to give a little extra help to our women's basketball beat reporters. Anyone paying attention to our women's basketball coverage at The Daily Universe would know we often don't get Wednesday game stories until Friday's paper, so we made some changes in assignments to try and prevent that from happening. Part of that move was that I took a turn covering a women's basketball game.

But after Kaufusi's announcement, this story assignment had new meaning. And it turned into a great story. Sad news, but great story.

Cougars missing Kaufusi

Norma Collett, the SID for women's basketball, said I did a nice job on it. And Rich Evans, my boss at the paper, said he really liked it too. He said as he read it, he thought to himself, "This looks like a professional story." I am grateful for the compliments and glad I got a chance to do this story.

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