Friday, January 23, 2009

The Blogosphere Round 2's the deal.

I started my first blog last June. What finally motivated me to catch up with the year 1997 was my efforts to enter the BYU animation program. Other animators I knew used blogs as a place to showcase their talents and generate buzz. Also, if I knew an audience was counting on me to update my blog regularly, it would impel me to keep up with the sketches.

Well, plans have changed.

After being denied the animation program twice, I embarked on attempt number three but not whole-heartedly. Only three-quarter-heartedly. Almost all the fun had been sucked out of it, and it was turning more into a chore than a hobby. Instead of waiting around for another verdict, I switched majors. I switched to communications. It's a broader, more practical field. And it might turn out to be more fun anyway.

One problem: whatever shall I do with my animation blog?

After months of indecision, I am abandoning the animation blog and delving even deeper into the grand blogosphere. This new endeavor will be a more general blog. I suppose it has potential to be more interesting.

So, welcome, and enjoy.

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