Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Even though I haven't worked at The Daily Universe for almost six months, my name showed up in the paper again.

Daily Universe claims ten awards

At the award night for the Utah chapter of the SPJ, The Daily Universe won 10 times in the Division B category, which from what I can tell must be all of Utah south of Salt Lake City.

The DU won first place in

Spot News (which I think must be breaking, on-location news) - for Jordan Carroll's story from Ground Zero last summer, when Osama bin Laden's death was announced

Arts and Entertainment - for Court Mann's profile of Fictionist

Business/Consumer Reporting - for Lindsey Larson's "Mythbusters" story on whether a pair of Levi's really could withstand a team of horses trying to pull them apart

Education Reporting - for Kelly Bluth's story on low teacher salaries in Utah (that's one of my old sports reporters!)

Medical/Science Reporting - for Emma Penrod's story on a BYU study about polar bears

Military Reporting - for Allie McCoy's story on veterans and what they go through at home

Minority Issues Reporting - for Stacie Carnley's story on the Church's involvement with the Daily Dose English Program

Personality Profile - for Brooke Ward's profile on Alexis Kaufusi, a member of the BYU women's basketball team who was diagnosed with cancer (To read the profile I did on Kaufusi two seasons ago, click here)

Opinion Column - for Jade McDowell's column on Utah's GRAMA law (click to page three, it's the one called 'They're killing GRAMA')

... and, for Editorial Cartoon, I won first place for this cartoon:

The judge said, "The cartoonist captured the hysteria that briefly surrounded Jimmer-mania with a clever concept."

To read more about the cartoon and the reasons it came about, read here.

Pretty cool! I don't know if I get any real certificate or trophy or anything. But just bragging rights are fine by me. And I'm proud of all my old DU colleagues who won too.

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