Thursday, August 5, 2010

Into the Four Corners of the Earth

I came across a story in Mormon Times that was very interesting for any member of the LDS Church. It turns out the LDS Church does have an official presence in Iraq.

Former district president in Iraq reflects on unique calling

And a couple other stories about it:

Military district in Iraq will be 'big difference'
Guy's story: Preston man tells of time in Iraq
Working for freedom - BYU-Idaho's Hollingsworth returns from year-long mission in Iraq

So in today's column I basically passed on the story, with a little bit about the little bit I know and feel about the Iraq War.

Here's my column:

Operation Iraqi Spiritual Freedom - LDS Church makes it to the Middle East*

And, a cartoon. Erin and I have been enjoying the Discovery Channel's Shark Week for the first time. And of course I found an obvious correlation with the BP oil spill.

* Go to page 3.

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